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Using any black and white image, you can now add masks for maps!
Customily Image Placeholder: Streamlined
HEIC Uploads
for reduced friction and error prevention.
Users can now create a a second level of Layouts.
When creating a layout, you will now have the option to add an additional level of grouping:
Options will be generated automatically based on the layout structure you create.
You can now switch between different layouts directly from the variant options.
Till now, you had the ability to switch templates via the variant option and the 'Change Template' function. Now, you can also switch the layout of the same template.
This enhancement allows for greater flexibility and customization in your designs. Explore this feature to effortlessly toggle between layouts and find the perfect fit for your products.
Special thanks to our community members who suggested this functionality!
etsy bundle
🛍️ Link Multiple Etsy Stores: Now, you can effortlessly connect multiple Etsy stores to a single Customily account, all under the same subscription—no extra charges required! This streamlined process makes managing your product customization across different Etsy shops a breeze, enhancing your workflow and customer experience.
Ready to expand your customization capabilities? Simply reach out to support to kickstart the setup process and start leveraging the power of Customily across all your Etsy stores.
We're excited to support and empower your Etsy journey every step of the way! 🌟
We're thrilled to announce that Customily now seamlessly integrates with
, working just like our Etsy integration! 🚀
Easily link your Customily account with your Amazon store under the same subscription, without any extra charges. This streamlined process enhances your product customization and improves your customers' shopping experience.
Ready to give it a try
? Simply reach out to to get started and coordinate the setup process.
We're looking forward to empowering your Amazon journey!
Keep track of orders awaiting personalization effortlessly.
Now, they'll never be out of your radar. 📥 Easily monitor, copy personalization links, and communicate with your customers seamlessly to get the orders ready for fulfillment. 📦
📚 ↕ Introducing Library Sorting! Easily arrange your assets and categories in your library, and watch as the new sorting seamlessly syncs across connected options.
Revamp Your Library Sorting in Three Easy Ways:
  • Drag and Drop Rows.
  • Utilize Alphabetical Sort Buttons (A>Z, Z<A).
  • Switch Sort Columns or Customize Your Order.
After making your desired changes, simply hit the 🔄
Sync Sorting
button, and observe as your options seamlessly adopt the new sorting order.
Sorting libraries
Streamline your workflow and find what you need faster! 📚✨
🎉 Exciting Update! 🎉
Ready to turbocharge your design process? Now introducing: PSD Import!
  • 1️⃣ Match Source Layers with Destination Layers: 📝
    and 🖼️
    Dynamic Image
    (more types coming 🔜!)
  • 2️⃣ Begin personalizing the imported
Import PSD
Give it a try today, and don't forget to share your feedback! 🎨
Now you can effortlessly track 👀 which 🖼️Templates are in use and identify which 🏷️ Products are using the Template as a default, through an Option or Variant. Stay organized and streamline your workflow with this new feature!
Templates in Use
PS: Big thanks to everyone who advocated for this idea! Your support and enthusiasm help drive our platform forward! 🙌 Special shoutout to PP for originally posting the idea.
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